Welcome to the easy life
Easychoral provides a range of resources to make the life of the choral conductor easy:
  • photocopiable scores of popular genres arranged for a variety of forces
  • free audio illustrations of what the arrangement sounds like
  • downloadable practice files with each part emphasised, saving time-consuming 'note-bashing'
  • high-quality accompaniments for use as backing tracks in performance

Basically, the process is:

  1. Choose your genre
  2. Select an arrangement you like the look of and which is appropriate to the abilities of your group
  3. Flip through a miniature version of part of the score
  4. Listen to the sample audio file
  5. Download the score (after paying a small fee)
  6. Photocopy the score up to 30 times per fee
  7. Download the practice files (again for a small fee)
  8. Distribute the scores and practice files to your choir
  9. Enjoy rehearsing the musical interpretation, because your singers can learn the notes at home

Now what could be easier than that?